Attract Your Soul Mate

4 Sundays in January
at 6:30pm PST
Sunday 1/10, 1/17, 1/24 & 1/31

4 Part Group Healing Session for Attracting Your Soul-Mate

The holidays can be a lonely time for many women. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to cuddle with during long nights and the cold weather? There is hope. "Attract Your Soul Mate" is the series most of you have been asking for. It's a 4 part group session that targets not only the factors that prevent you from finding love, it also targets the factors you WANT in love. Designed with very specific and proven techniques, Attract Your Soul Mate will bring satisfying results because the first love that we work on is SELF love. Here are the details!

  • This is a 4 Part Group Healing Session for Attracting your Soul-Mate.
  • This series of group sessions is for individuals that wish to attract the ideal MAN into their lives.
  • Part 1, The Self-Love session is open to all individuals.
  • The final 2 sessions of this series are geared toward individuals that are seeking MEN as their ideal mate.
  • As an added bonus, all participants that leave positive feedback on this event get 5 free minutes to use for follow up with Cristof on 12Angel.

***Interest is being expressed by individuals that wish to attract women as their ideal mate.  Please email me if you wish to join a group for attracting women.

The Intention for this Package has the following levels

  1. Self-Love:
    • Open the client to the giving, receiving and the expression all forms of love including God's unconditional Love.
    • Strengthening personal boundaries.
    • Worthiness.
  2. Basic Soul Mate Core Beliefs:
    • To attract someone into the client's life that is for their best and highest good.
    • It feels good to be near this person.
    • There is a strong heart felt spiritual bond between the client and their new soul mate.
    • Their relationship flows relatively effortlessly.
  3. Open the client to their Sexual Energy:
    • Remove all past life oaths, vows and covenants of celibacy and chastity.
    • In this session module all blocks to the client's sexual energy are removed.
    • Healthy flowing sexual energy attracts what we want into our life.
    • Sexual energy frequently ignored and treated with shame.
      • This shame and guilt of our sexual energy blocks us and the blocks can cause disease in the sexual areas of our body (genitals, the glands associated with the reproductive system, breasts and buttocks).
      • All shame revolving around these "sensitive areas" is also removed and reprogrammed with positive core beliefs.
      • Blocks in sexual energy can also block us from all forms manifesting.
      • Blocks in sexual energy can also block us from attracting our ideal mate in life (Soul Mate).
      • Open Client to physical, emotional and sexual intimacy with men/women.
  4. Completely Open Client to the desired gender:
    • Eliminate all negative core beliefs regarding past hurts and negative memories with men/women.
    • Program the client to resonate with the ideal qualities in a Soul Mate.
    • Manifestation meditation to manifest the mate of your dreams.

Here are the Details:
Dates: Sundays on January 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st
Cost: $100 for each session.
One-on-one Sessions: Sale Price--$150 for each session.
Duration: 90 minutes for each session.
  • Western Hemisphere--Sundays:
    •   4:30pm HST (Hawaii)
    •   6:30pm PST
    •   7:30pm MST
    •   8:30pm CST
    •   9:30pm EST
  • Eastern Hemisphere--Mondays (times are approximate due to differences in Light Savings):
    •   2:30am--United Kingdom
    •   3:30am--France, Germany
    •   8:00am--India
    • 10:30pm--Hong Kong, Malaysia & Indonesia
    • 11:30pm--Melbourne/Sydney Australia
  • Class length will vary from 80-100 minutes, depending how fast the energy clears with in the group.
For more information OR to register, contact me at:

Part #1--Self-Love and Worthiness
Part #1, Self-Love & Worthiness opens you up to all that is good in life. Cristof's clients report this group session has helped with:
• Healing broken hearts.
• Rediscovering an old soul mate.
• Getting the job they always wanted.
• Getting a raise.
• Notice people are nicer to them.
• A feeling of being lighter with a lighter and brighter out look on life.
• Many clients have quit smoking. (Smoking is about denying self-love and self hate).
• Others have had the shift in their energy that has helped them to break out of their rut in life.
• A gentle awareness of everything that is unhealthy in their lives' (Diet, friends, habits, etc...).

To register for this workshop click here:  Register for Soul Mate Series Part #1

Part #2--Removing Blocks to Soul Mate Relationships
Part #2 of this series deals with a number of issues. First the client is cleared of all blocks to attracting soul mates that are for their best and highest good. Then the client’s body and energy systems are programmed to resonate with energy that attracts the ideal man into their life. Finally, all patterns of attracting the wrong men, mutual patterns of co-dependence and negative attitudes toward men are replaced with positive loving programs for healthy loving long term relationships with healthy, kind, loving men.

To register for this workshop click here:  Register for Soul Mate Series Part #2

Part #3--Healing and Clearing Sexual Guilt and Shame
Part #3 of this series deals with a number of issues. First the client experiences a clearing along with an infilling of healing and supportive energies. Then the client is cleared of all oaths, vows and covenants of chastity. Next, the client is cleared of guilt and shame around female anatomy. In the next part of this healing, guilt and shame are removed around the enjoyment of sex. Core beliefs that lead to menopause are then addressed. Next, emotional trauma and sexual trauma is healed. Then the session closes with healing, nurturing and grounding energy to assist in your shift, aid in your healing process and aid in a sound night’s sleep.

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Part #4--Eliminating Patterns of Abuse
Part #4 of this series deals with a number of issues. This session eliminates patterns of abuse, deals with loneliness, shyness and the feeling of being invisible. This session also helps to heal bitterness from past relationships. The client is then energetically programmed to attract men with ideal qualities as their soul mate. Finally, the session ends with a manifestation for your the soul mate that is for your best and highest good.

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*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

 Cristof Guerin 2008©

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I had been working with Cristof for a few weeks working on self love, abundance and divine life purpose but then we worked on attracting a soul mate. With in 2 weeks my deadbeat boyfriend moved out and I received a call from a guy that I have had incredible soul mate chemistry with for several years. We had always been seriously involved with other people but for some reason we had become available at the exact same time in our lives. We are together now and are truly happy. This work is amazing. ~P.d.--Denver, CO

I was a timid and shy person. I was terrified of men. I have worked with Cristof for several months to help me be less fearful. We also worked on my blocks to my life purpose, relationships and abundance. After completing my work with Cristof, I have a successful healing practice. I feel safe and empowered at all times and I have met and married my soul mate.~J.D.-- Detroit, MI

I was devastated. I was totally heart broken. The man of my dreams and father of my child had just ended our relationship. I saw Cristof at a psychic fair at the 12th House. Cristof was doing private Self-Love sessions in the reading room. I felt completely at peace after our session. I thought my broken heart would never heal. Within a week's time I gradually felt all feelings of heart ache totally fade away.~M.R.--Aurora, CO

I never really enjoyed sex.  I was never able to climax with a partner.  Then I tried out the Soul Mate series with Cristof.  The session that clears out guilt and shame regarding sex combined with one session with a sex therapist REALLY did the trick.  Now I totally enjoy myself during sex.   I now climax easily and often, free of all guilt and shame.~V.R.-Boston, MA