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Here is a list of books and CDs that I have found useful over the years.

Support Mark Husson by purchasing his book.  He is the man that inspired me to bring my healing abilities to the public.  Mark Husson is the founder of 12Family (12Listen, 12Angel, 12Academy, 12Radion and more).
  • Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer
    • Available in book and a 6 CD audio set.
    • This is the bible to setting your intentions and lining your thought process with God/Source.
    • I strongly urge everyone to get the 6 CD audio set.
    • Learn it. Live it. Love it.

  • Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham).
    • Available in book and 5 CD audio set.
    • This is sort of like "Power of Intention"-light.
    • Very similar to "Power of Intention" with a different twist and a few new points and.or uniquely explained concepts.
  • The Secret-DVD also available in book form.
    • Try to get the first version with Ester Hicks.
    • The newer version is a bit more commercial and fluffy.
  • The Secret Behind The Secret-Esther & Jerry Hicks
  • Disappearance of the Universe-Gary Renard
    • Reccomended reading from 12th House.
  • A Course in Miracles- Unsure of author. Available in Book, CDs and tapes.
    • Strongly recommended by 12th House.
    • Frequently referenced by Wayne Dyer in "Power of Intention".
  • The Psychic Healing Book- Amy Wallace & Bill Henkin.
    • This is a book written by teachers and/or former teachers of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.
    • Berkeley Psychic Institute -
    • BSI has many locations in California and has several online classes to develop your psychic abilities.
  • The Psychic Pathway- Sonia Choquette.
    • This is book is an introduction to the concept of you being psychic and how to develop your psychic abilities.
  • Anatomy of the Spirit - Caroline Myss
  • Doreen Virtue Books:
    • The Light Worker's Way
    • Healing with Angels
    • Angel Numbers
      • An inexpensive little reference book to look up what your angels are trying to communicate to you when you see the same numbers show up in prices, times. etc..
    • Earth Angels
      • Another inexpensive little book. It talks about how we may have served as other types of beings before this life time. We could have been angels, fairies, aliens, wise ones, etc..
    • Archangels and Ascended Masters
      • This is a reference book of archangels and ascended masters that Doreen Virtue and her assistant were able to channel. If you want help in an area, you can look up what spiritual being is best suited to help you in your situation.
    • Angels 101
      • This is a reference book for angels.
      •  It list several angels and the crystals and stones that resonate with each angel's energy.
  • Animal Speak - Ted Andrews
    • Ever have an affinity with certain animals?
    • Have you ever had reoccurring dreams involving certain animals?
    • These animals could be your totem animals or animal guides.
    • This book is a reference for those animals and shamanic rituals involving various animals.
  • Candle Magic- Batia Shorek
    • Do you like to burn candles to help with your meditations?
    • This book tells you the energy of each color of various candles to burn that give you the supporting energy for your desires.
  • Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals- Melody (That is her entire name).
    • This is the bible of crystals, stones and rocks.
    • It lists the vibrational properties of most crystals in existence.
    • There are some better illustrated books out there but this one is the most comprehensive.
  • You Can Heal Your Life- Louise L. Hay
    • This is the book that launched Hay House Publishing.
    • I get many of the ideas for my session modules from this book.
    • It is a colorful book and an easy read.
    • This book shows how our ways of thinking can create illness and dis-ease in our lives.
Please remember to buy these books at your local Metaphysical Bookstore. We need to bring our business to these stores to keep them around and thriving as our centers of spiritual information, healing and evolution. If you buy them online, then your favorite Metaphysical might just go away. If you have to buy these books online then please get them from

The owner of 12th House and is Mark Husson. Mark gave me my big break to become a healing practitioner. Mark, his store and his psychic "hot line" are endorsed by Louise L. Hay.. Mark is a Hay House author (Author of "Mark's Power Peak 2007 & 2008") and he is on Hay House radio on Thursdays at 11:00am MST. Mark frequently finds talented psychics and healers and provides them an avenue to bring their abilities to the public. By supporting Mark and his sites you allow him to find more talented psychics and healers to help guide and heal you in your hour of need.

*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

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