Tele-Sessions a.k.a.Group Sessions

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What are the advantages of Group sessions?

  • Group sessions are the future of this work of Karma Removal/Belief Repatterning.
  • Group sessions are more powerful than individual sessions.
  • Group sessions make this life changing work more affordable.
  • The energy of the group helps clear issues faster than individual sessions.

There are 3 options for being a part of a group session:

1. In Office Group Session:

  • You and your family and/or friends come into my office for a group session.
  • For groups of two we can sit in chairs at my table or sit on the floor as done on larger group sessions.
  • For groups of three or more we sit on the floor with hands joined in a circle.
  • We will be seated in special chairs that will provide back support for the most comfortable group session possible.
  • Breaks are offered at the 30 minute mark for on hour sessions.

2. Group Phone Session in Your Home:

  • This is where you and your friends and/or family sit in group around your speaker phone.
  • I encourage everyone in this group to sit in a circle with hands joined.
  • This helps the energy shift faster and creates a stronger spiritual bond between the members of the group session.
  • Breaks are offered at the 30 minute mark for on hourly sessions

3. Teleconferenced Group Sessions:

  • When enough people express interest in a topic for teleconferenced session I will email you the pass word to access the teleconferenced session.
  •  You can sit anywhere in the comfort of your own home and still receive the benefits of the group session.
  • People from all over the North America can participate in a group session if their friends and family do not believe in energy work.
  • Breaks are not necessary for teleconferenced sessions since you are already if the most comfortable spot in your home.

Group Session Modules:


  • Any 90 minute Session - 2  People- $100 per person
  • Any 90 minute Session- 3 or more People-$80 per person
  • Any One Hour Session Module- 2 People - $80 per person
  • Any One Hour Session Module- 3 or more People - $62 per person

*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

 Cristof Guerin 2008©

All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy, Fun,  Excitement, Enthusiasm, Exuberbance and GLORY!.









The group manifesting meditation Cristof did with me and the others in June was magnificent for me. In the meditation I asked for a new home and received the message that the new home was on the way. I had that new home pinned down within two weeks of the meditation and it was exactly what I wanted and prayed for. I am returning to the dream of my childhood. I am back on the path to live the dream I left behind 30 years ago.  The guided meditation for manifesting was absolutely huge for me.  With the deepest gratitude~L. Treadway--Boulder, CO

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