Genetic Replacement

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Unhealthy genes like depression, bi-polar disorder, alcoholism and many more can be replaced with normal healthy genes. Experience the joy and freedom of no longer being limited to the defective genetic blueprint handed down to us by our ancestors. Many families carry unhealthy genes like depression, bi-polar disorder and alcoholism. The gene for Genetic Depression can be replaced with a gene carrying joy. The oppression of bi-polar disorder and alcoholism can be lifted by replacing the genes with healthy genes carrying normal healthy balanced brain chemistry.

Please consider that we are already considered to be perfect, whole and complete by God/Source/Buddha/Jesus. However, if someone has what mankind considers to be a genetic flaw, it does not mean that we are not perfect in the eyes of God. So, if one wants to affirm that they are perfect genetically with the expectation that the affirmation will make them genetically perfect, it won't work according to their human standard because they already are perfect according to God.

Before we are born, our spirits (true self) choose all sorts of scenarios including intricate specifics of DNA to provide ourselves with the challenges that we feel will lead to the areas of growth that we are seeking. Following that tangent of thought, some of as a spirit might choose a genetic illness to provide an opportunity to grow. That means that according to human terms we have chosen a genetic flaw. The gene is not flawed. It is perfect. It is doing exactly what is supposed to do, provide a physical, emotional and spiritual challenge to promote growth as a spiritual being. Because we are now at a critical point in our planets evolution God/Source of All That Is/Buddha/Jesus has brought forth these new techniques to remove genetic and other challenges so that individuals can become the light workers they are meant to be much more quickly.

Brief Lesson in Genetics

Here is a brief lesson in genetics to help explain why I pull common defective genes for people that do not think they have the genetic ailment involved in the treatment plan. There are two ways of carrying a Genetic recessive trait.

  1. The client has both genes and actually has the ailment.
  2. The client has one gene and is a carrier for the ailment.
    • With many human traits even though the dominant gene is expressed in the body some how the recessive gene still brings forth qualities of the "defective gene".
An example of this would be the high school text example of sickle cell anemia. This is a blood disorder in which red blood cells have a sickle shape. This is very bad. The condition can cause death because the cells tend to clump together and block blood flow throughout the body.
  • Round is the normal shape for blood cells. RR=NORM
  • People with the two recessive genes encoded in their DNA for sickle cell anemia have sickle shaped cells. ss=HAS ILLNESS.
  • People that have one dominant gene for round blood cells and have one recessive gene for sickle cell anemia encoded in their DNA are carriers. Rs=CARRIER
    • Carriers of this ailment have round blood cells most of the time.
    • The cells collapse into sickle shapes under times of stress.
    • This is actually a useful trait in Africa.
    • When a person is infected with malaria the Carrier's infected blood cells collapse and kill the micro-organism of malaria.

Lesson applied to mental illness:

Depression=d         N=normal brain chemistry

  • People with the two recessive genes encoded in their DNA for Depression have severe depression. dd=HAS ILLNESS
  • An example of this would be Kurt Cobain.
    • He was on top of the world professionally but his depression was so severe that he ended his life.
    • If you see his photographs you can see the depression in his eyes.
  • People that have one normal dominant gene for normal brain chemistry and have one recessive gene for depression encoded in their DNA are carriers for Depression. Nd=CARRIER


    • Carriers of this ailment have frequent episodes of minor Depression their entire life and tend to like to sleep more than normal.
    • This is actually may have been a useful trait at one time in human history.
      • During times of hardship (scarcity of food) the carriers for Depression go into a depression, sleep more and conserve calories until conditions are better and food is abundant once again.

Bipolar Disorder=b        N=Normal Brain Chemistry

  • People with the two recessive genes encoded in their DNA for bipolar disorder have mental illness most of their lives. bb=HAS ILLNESS
    • These people have mild to mid grade Depression most of their lives.
    • Then these people have occasional "manic" episodes that get them committed to mental institutions until their condition stabilizes.
    • People that have one normal dominant gene for normal brain chemistry and have one recessive gene for Bipolar Disorder are carriers for depression. Nb=CARRIER
    • Carriers of this ailment have low grade depression their entire lives.
    • The carriers for this ailment are rarely happy and tend to be pessimistic.
    • This ailment can be a useful trait. Carriers of Bipolar Disorder have very strong psychic abilities.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D.)=o        N=Normal Brain Chemistry

  • People with the two recessive genes encoded in their DNA for O.C.D. have the disorder most of their lives. oo=HAS ILLNESS
    • These people are the people that engage in odd be behaviors like:
      • Excessive hand washing. Strange routines before they engage in certain activities.
      • Repeating activities like flicking a light switch 20 times before leaving the room.
      • These people usually require medication to control the disorder.
  • People that have one normal dominant gene for normal brain chemistry and have one recessive gene for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are carriers for O.C.D. No=CARRIER
    • Carriers of this ailment tent to worry more than normal.
    • The carriers tend to mill things in their head over and over.
    • This ailment can have useful traits.
    • Carriers of O.C.D. tend to be very neat and organized.

Anxiety=a        N=Normal Brain Chemistry

  • People with the two recessive genes encoded in their DNA for anxiety have problems with anxiety. aa=HAS ILLNESS
    • These people have experience extreme anxiety in the everyday activities of life.
    • These people begin experiencing anxiety with the onset of puberty.
    • These people require medication to have a normal life.
    • People that have one normal dominant gene for normal brain chemistry and have one recessive gene for anxiety are carriers for anxiety. Na=CARRIER
    • Carriers of this ailment are easily stressed.
    • The carriers for this ailment experience more anxiety in every day life than other people.

Genetic Replacement & Reprogramming work can change what we thought was destiny.

*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

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