Attracting Soul Mates

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~Attracting Soul Mate Relationships~
First let me Define Soul Mate:
Soul Mates are individuals that you have made soul contracts to be together under certain conditions. This is Someone that you feel comfortable with because you have positive past life experience together.
  • A soul mate's presence is felt before they are seen.
  • The soul mates then feel themselves light up inside at the first glance of this person.
  • The relationship (if they are mature adults) flows smoothly and there is almost no need for verbal communication.
  • Most people think of a soul mate as being only one person or One True Love. This is called a Twin Flame Soul Mate.
  • It's possible to have many different kinds of soul mates, each being equally fulfilling in a different way.
  • Most people are better off with someone from their soul group or soul family.
Soul Group - A group of souls that you consistently incarnate with to experience growth.
Soul Family - A group of souls that have direct spiritual lineage where they consistently incarnate as a soul group to experience growth.You feel a strong sense of acceptance and belonging when you are around soul family members. It feels very good to be around your soul family.

Spiritual Lineage - If you read Doreen Virtue's book Earth Angels you will see there are different kinds incarnated light worker souls:
  • Incarnated Angel
  • Incarnated Extraterrestrials
  • Incarnated Wise Ones
  • Incarnated Elementals
  • Incarnated Evolved Souls

The Intention for this Package has levels:

  1. Basic Soul Mate Core Beliefs:
    • To attract someone into the client's life that is for their best and highest good.
    • It feels good to be near this person.
    • There is a strong heart felt spiritual bond between the client and their new soul mate.
    • Their relationship flows relatively effortlessly.
  2. Open the client to their Sexual Energy:
    • Remove all past life oaths, vows and covenants of celibacy ans chastity.
    • In this session module all blocks to the client's sexual energy are removed.
    • Healthy flowing sexual energy attracts what we want into our life.
    • Sexual energy frequently ignored and treated with shame.
      • This shame and guilt of our sexual energy blocks us and the blocks can cause disease in the sexual areas of our body (genitals, the glands associated with the reproductive system, breasts and buttocks).
      • All shame revolving around these "sensitive areas" is also removed and reprogrammed with positive core beliefs.
      • Blocks in sexual energy can also block us from all forms manifesting.
      • Blocks in sexual energy can also blocks from attracting our ideal mate in life (Soul Mate)
      • I strongly recommend anyone having relationship difficulties do this session module combined with the Attracting a Soul Mate session module.
  3. Completely Open Client to the desired gender:
    • Eliminate all negative core beliefs regarding past hurts and negative memories with men/women.
    • Open Client to physical, emotional and sexual intimacy with men/women.

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*This energy work represents a form of Spiritual Healing Support in Holistic Health and is not intended as a means of clinical diagnosis and is not intended as a replacement for traditional medical or psychological care.

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I had been working with Cristof for a few weeks working on self love, abundance and divine life purpose but then we worked on attracting a soul mate.  With in 2 weeks my deadbeat boyfriend moved out and I received a call from a guy that I have had incredible soul mate chemistry with for several years.  We had always been seriously involved with other people but for some reason we had become available at the exact same time in our lives.  We are together now and are truly happy.  This work is amazing. ~Patricia Dallas--Denver, CO

I was a timid and shy person.  I was terrified of men.  I have worked with Cristof for several months to help me be less fearful.  We also worked on my blocks to my life purpose, relationships and abundance.  After completing my work with Cristof, I have a successful healing practice.  I feel safe and empowered at all times and I have met and married my soul mate.~Jill Dauber-- Detroit, MI